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Artists who swayed the world - Tokio Hotel

In 2005, four teenagers from Magdeburg – not yet of full age – trigger an unprecedented fan hysteria. They call themselves Tokio Hotel and their first single “Durch den Monsun” leads the German charts for weeks, before the song also makes teenagers hearts beat faster all around the world.
Tokio Hotel sell millions of records and play sold-out tours around the globe.

A German pop fairy tale takes its course, which the twins Bill and Tom Kaulitz planned as kids on the day they decided to become famous. They write their own songs and perform as a duo before they meet Georg and Gustav in Magdeburg and found a band. Tokio Hotel.

The producer Peter Hoffman becomes aware of the school band and brings them in the studio. He is passionate about the band, their look and knows immediately that this will be the start of an exceptional career. And he was right:
Tokio Hotel breaks every records, they are celebrated worldwide and their meteoric rise and the many hysterical fans makes one think of the Beatles. Especially the twins, Bill and Tom, are in the public eye. While Tom turns out to be the cool heartthrob, his brother Bill in particular, through his androgynous demeanor, is causing a stir and headlines.

The greater the success of the band, the more Tokio Hotel polarizes. The four boys are worshiped and loved but also hated. They do not dare to leave the house without bodyguards. While Gustav and Georg can live undisturbed in Magdeburg, the twins flee headlong to Los Angeles, after their villa has been broken into.

After that, Tokio Hotel was about to leave the music scene. It was not clear if and how it will continue. While Bill and Tom enjoy their new freedom and their new life in LA, Gustav and Georg are hoping in Magdeburg that this is not the end of the band.

But then Tokio Hotel returns to the delight of the fans and meanwhile they have produced and released their fifth album.
Tokio Hotel continues to make music and their tours still lead them around the globe.
Tokio Hotel has also grown up, Georg manages the band, Gustav became a father, Tom is now in a relationship with Heidi Klum and Bill has become an international style icon.

In a detailed and exclusive interview Bill, Tom, Georg and Gustav look back on their incredible career. Openly and honestly, they talk about how the insane success has changed their lives. They also talk about the downsides of fame, but also how happy they are that they can live their dream.