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Pop Giants - Dream Dance "Best of 25 Years"


Pop Giants - Dream Dance "Best of 25 Years"



The British duo “Faithless” don't claim that for nothing.

The big stars of electronic dance music are DJs: David Guetta, Armin van Buuren, Paul van Dyk or Tiesto - these are names that almost everyone knows by now. Their performances draw crowds and are staged like rock star concerts. Her style: Electronic Dance Music, EDM for short. This is the "new pop music" and it makes its stars the idols of a whole generation. Many of the dance musicians become millionaires in a very short time.

In Germany, Frenchman David Guetta is by far the most successful with 9.25 million verified records sold.

Avicii's "Wake Me Up" was the first DJ hit in 2013 to be awarded a Diamond record for selling over one million copies. And Robin Schulz did it in 2020 with 3 singles in a triple.

But how did electronic dance music actually start? Have DJs always been the stars that rocked the dance floor?

Our celebrities and experts take a look at the sounds the world has been dancing to over the last 25 years. Artists such as star DJ Paul van Dyk, Natalie Horler, the voice of mega dance act Cascada, electronic music duo Blank & Jones, but also Anastasia Zampounidis, who was not just MTV VJane, but Berlin in the 90s with all the illegal ones, were there locations as a club employee and radio DJ. Also present: presenter Sonya Kraus, the living music encyclopedia Nilz Bokelberg and influencer and RTLZWEI presenter Cathy Hummels.