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Pop Giants - WM Party 2018


Pop Giants - WM Party 2018


The soccer World Cup is just around the corner and the whole of soccer Germany is looking forward to the fifth World Cup title. FIFA will soon release the official World Cup song. But will the fans embrace him? Or will it end like 2014, when the German national soccer team won the long-awaited fourth world championship title and sent the whole of Germany into a frenzy. The whole country celebrated the team, itself and the World Cup in Brazil with a song: Auf Uns by Andreas Bourani. The song became the anthem for the title and left We Are One, the official World Cup song by Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull, far behind in popular favor with the public.

The 90-minute documentary Pop Giants - World Cup Party 2018 celebrates the biggest football hits of all time. Both the official ones, published by FIFA or UEFA for the big football events and becoming world hits, such as Shakira's Waka Waka or Bob Sinclair's Love Generation, and the unofficial ones, which the fans look for themselves, such as the 54 74 90 2006 Sportfreunde Stiller or This Way by Xavier Naidoo, which the German national team made into their football hit in the 2006 Summer Fairy Tale.

The documentary also celebrates the time when the German national team still grabbed the microphone themselves and belted out hits like  Football is our life or  Buenas Dias Argentina . The mostly embarrassing and involuntarily funny attempts by football stars to sing their own hits are also targeted: Lothar Matthäus's Must i Then or Dante's And Pokal are not exactly great moments in pop culture.

Former football stars such as Thomas Häßler and David Odonkor, who experienced football world cups first-hand as players and can provide information about the football hits of the time, have their say, ex-footballers like Thorsten Legat, who is always good for a juicy joke and Player wives like Claudia Effenberg and Verena Kerth, who have witnessed the crazy football business up close.

The whole thing is commented on with the usual humorous and funny dialogues by Daniela Katzenberger and Lucas Cordalis. In addition, the actor Peer Kusmagk, the football presenters Katrin Müller-Hohenstein and Steffi Brungs, the singer Loona, who had her own World Cup song with Brazil 2014, and Henning Krautmacher from the Höhnern, who has one of the really big football stars with Viva Colonia - and composed Feierhit.