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Pop Giants - Black Hits


Pop Giants - Black Hits


Black hits, songs with a black groove and black soul, conquer the whole world again and again. In 2015, Bruno Mars created the most successful song of the year with Uptown Funk, which sold around 15 million copies worldwide. And how was the last year? Was there one big black hit again or several? French Montana is at the forefront of the radio in 2017 with his black hit Unforgettable and you're sure to hear the black hit classics again. Songs like Nelly's Hot In Herre, 50 Cent's In Da Club or Coolio's Gangsta's Paradise.

The special thing about Gangsta's Paradise: The song wins a Grammy, but it's actually just a jazzed up cover version with changed lyrics of the Stevie Wonder song "Pastime Paradise" from the 70s.

The 90-minute documentary Pop Giants - Black Hits celebrates the biggest black hits of the past 30 years. From 90's MC Hammers U Can't Touch This and Notorious BIG's Hypnotize to 2000's Puff Daddy's I'll Be Missing You and Justin Timberlake's SexyBack to 2000's Flo Rida's Good Feeling and Jason Derulo's Talk Dirty current decade.

Speaking of SexyBack: The documentation also includes the black hits that come from white artists such as SexyBack or Jump Around from House of Pain.

The show tells stories about the song and/or artist and goes in search of the essence of black hits. Are black hits sexier than pop songs? Is there a better way to celebrate with them? Does the world of the ghetto gangsters belong to the black hits? And do superstars like Beyoncé and Rihanna still make pure black hits?

The black hits and the stories behind them are commented on by eloquent celebrities such as musicians Giovanni Zarrella, Amanda Murray, Sabrina Setlur, Gil Ofarim, Senna Gammour and Christina Klein (LaFee), presenters Amaiz Habtu and Milka Loff Fernandes, and producer Alex Christensen and the music expert Nilz Bokelberg.