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Pop Giants - Hard N' Heavy


Pop Giants - Hard N' Heavy


Now it's getting loud!

Finally we can headbang again! Because now the black robes, the loud electric guitars and the horned hand are coming 🤘-and are taking back the stadiums and festival grounds.

We have them all: from Metallica to the Scorpions - from Deep Purple to Rammstein and from Iron Maiden to Led Zeppelin.

In the 4-hour Pop Giants Special we show on 23.7. at 8:15 p.m. at RTLZWEI the best of over 50 years of hard rock and heavy metal. A journey through time that celebrates the old heroes and celebrates current greats. What makes the Wacken Open Air (W.O.A) so special? Organizer Thomas Jensen and the Scorpions let us participate in the cult.

But how did it all start? In exclusive interviews, Suzi Quatro and Deep Purple share why they wanted to be louder than the rest of the world back in the '60s and why they're still making music.

Each of our artists has written music history. Sometimes even very tragic. In addition to her own story, Doro Pesch also tells us about metal legend Lemmy Kilmister (Motörhead), who died in 2015, and why a part of him is always with her.

We let contemporary witnesses and music experts have their say and ask artists why Hard N' Heavy is loved by some but hated by others. In this way we gain very private insights into the life and work of our stars.

We also get tutoring in metal scream from Deep Purple singer Ian Gillan and get to know the world of growling with Angela Gossow (Arch Enemy manager and ex-singer).

Together with other stars of the scene such as Hans Kürsch (singer of Blind Guardian), Simone Simons (singer of the band Epica), metal fan from the very beginning Alex Gernandt, drummer of the band Electric Callboy David Friedrich and music journalist Markus Kavka, we also try to find out why millions of fans love Hard N' Heavy, but why these music genres hardly play a role in the mainstream.

Behind the "Pop Giganten" series is the production company Maxi Media GmbH, which specializes in high-quality music documentaries.